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We are proud to introduce you to Catalyst Education LLC, an innovative, minority and women owned company with world-class products and services for PK- 12 grade-level educators. Our offerings are developed by experts with deep experience in leveraging “the power of story” through classroom libraries and curriculum materials, accelerating the development of foundational skills within early childhood education, uplifting positive identities through culturally responsive education, and engaging and empowering families & communities as partners who support student learning.


Our work is grounded in best practice as defined by research-based methodologies and validated through over 60 years of practical experience as leaders -- and like you, all in service of advancing educational opportunities for every child. We listen first, aligning our efforts to be respectful of and complimentary to successful programs already in place, all while remaining focused on ease of access and quality of implementation.


We look forward to arranging individual meetings with you at your convenience and will be in touch. We intend to join in partnership with you in support of lifelong learning and academic achievement for all young people!


Gregory Worrell & Frances-Ann Lightsy


Certificates and Certifications

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